Wander Word



By Jon Sands

Jon Sands is the author of The New Clean (2011, Write Bloody Publishing). He starred in the award winning web-series Verse: A Murder Mystery (Rattapallax Films), is the co-founder of Poets in Unexpected Places, and has represented New York City numerous times at the National Poetry Slam.
Photo credit: Jonathan Weiskopf

I lay next to my girl,
distraught, heavy
on her bed that she made,
and the headboard
that her and her dad
actually made,
my sinuses
set to burst
like a frozen pipe
in winter, I said
something like,
“everything sucks.”
Her size 5’s were tucked
under her butt
with the side of my leg
stretched out  before her,
she put her fingers on my leg
like a piano. I don’t mean it
as a metaphor, it was actually
like a piano, she intended it
that way, she sang loud,
even though it was
only a whisper, but loud.
She sang, “Everythinnng
Suuucks!” Then put
her fingers again
on my leg
like a piano, exactly
like a piano,
throwing her head
and torso around
like she was a genius,
Beethoven or someone,
pouring it all into
my leg. I don’t
mean it to be dramatic,
it was funny, so funny
we couldn’t breathe,
she continued, her
and me in an apartment
the size
of a small room
in a big house.
We weren’t a secret
even though it was
just us, but I’m saying
everything sucked,
then nothing did,
and maybe you had
to be there,
but I was–there.
She played me
with my own
words. Let the record
show: It sounded
good, it sounded
good–on this planet
where we live,
it sounded clear
as a song I love,
one I would give anything
to have been there
the first time it uncorked
from a powerful woman,
when it met the world
the first time,
that’s how it sounded.
Like I would give anything
to be there