Wander Word


Breaking News & When I Say My Heart

By Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy is the author of poetry collection, Adult Head (Zoo Press). He is a Grammy Award winning American songwriter, musician, and record producer best known as the leader of the bands Wilco, Tweedy, Golden Smog, Loose Fur, and Uncle Tupelo.

Breaking News

every house
is dark
coming down
sliding open
black a dim yellow light
enters the gospel
flooding my contented
little radio

When I Say My Heart

I mean
an emergency
worse than a clarinet

or an old man who just won’t
stand out of the way

I don’t mean a parking lot
but the pretty twisting oil slick

the waving arms
of awful drinking

false teeth

an unpopular child
on a swing set
or the least wanted crayon

sometimes I mean
a foil moon

checkpoint charlie
or a ghost

or sitting duck